International Shipping | FAQs

Q. Do you ship worldwide?

A. Yes, we ship our products worldwide!

Q. How long will international shipping take? How much will it cost?

A. That depends on the shipping method you choose. First Class Mail International is about 20-30 business days (4-6 weeks), Priority Mail International is about 10-12 business days and Express Mail International is about 3-6 business days. The cost depends on the following factors: the speed of the shipping method chosen, size/weight of the package and your location. You can always get an estimate before you complete your order!  (Unfortunately, USPS has temporarily suspended service to Australia due to carrier issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. To work around this, we are shipping all orders to Australia via Global Post, which is the equivalent price to USPS Priority and what you will see when you place your order.) 

Q. And what about customs duties/import taxes?

A. Great question! There is always the chance that customs duties will be charged to international orders. It is unfortunately out of our power to predict or stop these fees. So just in case, here are the details you should know:

  • Who is responsible to pay?: Paying the import duty is the responsibility of the importer (customer).
  • How much does it cost?: Import duty can be calculated in a variety of ways, but most import duties are figured as a percentage of the declared value of the commodity. Import duty differs from product to product and is dependent on the commodity being imported, declared value, country of origin, and other factors decided by the country. Import duty values can be as low as zero or unfortunately as high as 100% (or more) of the product’s declared value.

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