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Great news! We now have a fulfillment center in the U.K. that will be shipping our Original Manifesto Poster (in both 18x24 and 12x16) throughout Europe. This will shorten delivery times and save you money on both import tax and shipping!

This fulfillment center can ship posters to the following countries:  Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greenland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Q. Can you ship to other international locations?
A. Of course! If you are in a location not listed above, we can still ship your order to you! It will just come from our US fulfillment center instead.

Q. How long will shipping take if my order is coming from the US fulfillment center? How much will it cost?
A. That depends on the shipping method you choose! First Class Mail International is about 15-20 business days, Priority Mail International is about 10-12 business days and Express Mail International is about 3-6 business days. The cost depends on the following factors: the speed of the shipping method chosen and your location. You can always get an estimate before you complete your order!

Q. How long will shipping take if my order is coming from the UK fulfillment center? How much will it cost?
A. Both the shipping time and cost will vary slightly depending on the region. Standard orders should arrive within 4-7 days depending on location. Shipping costs will range between $5-$10 depending on the speed of service and location. 

Q. When will the UK fulfillment center have your other products?
A. Soon! Because it's such a new project, we wanted to start with our best-selling item, the Manifesto. 

Q. What if I order a poster and something else? 
A. If you order multiple posters that are eligible to ship from the UK, then your entire order will ship from the UK. If you order the Manifesto poster in either size as well as any other items that are only available from the US, then, unfortunately, this means your entire order will ship from the US. We are working on adding more inventory in the UK, but for now, it is only the original posters. 

Q. Are there any products that you can't ship internationally?
A. Unfortunately, yes. Currently, we are unable to ship both our Wall Decal and the Framed Holstee Manifesto. While we are not planning to open up the Frame for international shipping due to its fragile nature, we now have a version of the Wall Decal available for our European customers! You can find the Europe decal here. If you are in a location other than the United States or continental Europe and you'd like to be on the email list for more information and positive updates on the international shipment (for Wall Decal info only), send us an email at

Q. And what about customs duties/import taxes?
A. Great question! There is always the chance that customs duties will be charged to international orders. This can happen if your order is coming from either fulfillment center if you are not located within the UK or the US. Though it is rare, it is unfortunately out of our power to predict or stop these fees. So just in case, here are the details you should know:

  •  Who is responsible to pay?: Paying the import duty is the responsibility of the importer (customer).
  • How much does it cost?: Import duty can be calculated in a variety of ways, but most import duties are figured as a percentage of the declared value of the commodity. Import duty differs from product to product and is dependent on the commodity being imported, declared value, country of origin, and other factors decided by the country. Import duty values can be as low as zero or unfortunately as high as 100% (or more) of the product’s declared value. 
  • Can't you just state a lower value on the package?: Unfortunately, we can't! It is against the law to lessen the fees or state an incorrect value. While we are always hopeful that our customers won't encounter additional fees, we think it is best to forewarn that it is a possibility to consider.

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