How do I hang the Wall Decal?

We're so excited you'll be hanging this wall decal! To make the most of your new statement piece, take note of the following instructions on how to hang (and rehang) this version of the Manifesto. Also, see our helpful video for more directions and visuals.

  1. If possible, unroll the decal and allow it to lay flat before installation. 
  2. Consider using tape to hold the decal up to where you want it to check that it is either centered or level. Once in position, and using a level to ensure the decal goes on straight, you can use a pencil or tape to make small marks where you want the decal to lay.
  3. From there, gently pull back the paper backing across one edge. Fold the paper back and crease it, so you have a strip of adhesive showing.
  4. Stick this edge to the wall, lining the sticker up with the marks you previously made. Slowly remove the paper backing and press the sticker onto the surface/wall using your hands to smooth any wrinkles or creases as you go. This material is both flexible and forgiving, so don't worry about making mistakes. Wrinkles should smooth out very easily!

Tip: Save the backing if you plan to move the decal at any point. The decal can peel off and can be repositioned up to 100 times!

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